Gastronomy With A Flair

A Purveyor of Top-Shelf Gourmet Specialties

Our products offer our customers the opportunity to prepare distinctive and flavorful cuisine. We provide the aspiring ‘DIY Chef’, as well as the veteran professional chef with products that allow them to focus their creativity on the dishes that they prepare and deliver outstanding results whether appetizer or main course. That is the ultimate expression of – Gastronomy with a Flair!

Our product lines include:

Gourmet Seasoning Blends
Gourmet Salts
Hot Sauces and Spicy Marinade
Dried Chili Peppers, Chili Pepper Flakes and Powdered Chilies
Exotic Seasonings
Gourmet Vinegars

Custom Seasoning Blends Include:

Taste of Texas – Mild
Taste of Texas – Hot
Jay’s Special Seasoning
Jay’s Rub – Mild
Jay’s Rub – Medium
Jay’s Rub – Hot
Bayou Monday Blend
Blind Bison Blend
Touch of the Far East
64th Street Salad Seasoning
Madame Langlois Creole Seasoning
64th Street House Blend

Gourmet Specialty Salts Include:

Jerry’s Fire Ghost Pepper Salt Chipotle Chili Salt
Habanero Hot Salt
Jalapeño Seasoning Salt
Garlic Salt
Himalayan Salt
Hawaiian Black Salt
Bourbon Barrel Smoked Salt
Smoked Pacific Salt
Applewood Smoked Salt
Hickory Smoked Salt
Mesquite Smoked Salt

Initial products in the Bring on the Heat category include:

Carolina Reaper Flakes – The world’s hottest chili pepper [Dec. 2013, Guinness World Records]
Dried Whole Ghost Peppers
Sichuan Peppercorns
Dried Whole Thai Chilies
African Bird's Eye Chili, Ground
New Mexico Chili Powder

Exotic Seasonings Include:

Harissa [African]
Za'atar [Israeli]
Za'atar [Syrian]
Madras Curry Powder [Indian]
Tandoori Spice [Indian]
Chinese Five Spice

Hot Sauces and Spicy Marinade.  These gourmet hot sauces bring a new, bold flavor to the hot sauce market. They have a unique flavor profile that sets them apart from the hot sauces currently available on market shelves. The lineup includes our Awesome Sauce Spicy Marinade and seven hot sauces:

Regular [No. 5 Heat]
Hot [No. 10 Heat]
Super Hot [No. 20 Heat]
Mega Hot [No. 50 Heat]
Double-Dare-You! [No. 100 Heat]
Double-Dog-Dare-You! [No. 200 Heat]
Triple-Dog-Dare-You! [No. 500 Heat]

A Special Edition barrel-aged version of the hot sauce is in development.

Specialty Vinegars.  Additionally, we will be offering a lineup of gourmet vinegars, including a Champagne vinegar that will be made from a finished Cuvée, unlike other offerings that are made only from the same type of grapes typically used in the production of sparkling wines.
Fig Balsamic
Balsamic, Tradizionale
Balsamic, Condimento
Red Wine
White Wine
Pinot Noir
Cabernet Sauvignon
Rice Wine

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