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Chile Cultivars of New Mexico State University Released from 1913 to 2008

NMSU Holiday Ornamentals

NuMex Valentine’s Day, NuMex St. Patrick’s Day, NuMex Memorial Day, NuMex Halloween, NuMex Thanksgiving, and NuMex Christmas

The NMSU Holiday Ornamental cultivars were developed for the potted plant and nursery industries. Plants were selected for horticultural characteristics that included a fuller as well as compact plant growth habit, upright fruit that spread over the top of the plant, heavy fruit set, the ability to be successfully grown in pots, attractive foliage, and speedy germination. ‘NuMex Memorial Day’ and ‘NuMex Thanksgiving’ originated from the hybridization of ‘Ivory’ by a dwarf plant in 1991. Single plant selections were made in the F2 generation, and then seven generations of selfing single plant selections were made for each. ‘NuMex Valentine’s Day,’ ‘NuMex St. Patrick’s Day,’ ‘NuMex Halloween,’ and ‘NuMex Christmas’ are from the hybridization of ‘Black Prince’ by ‘NuMex Thanksgiving’ in 1995. Single plant selections were made in the F2 generation, and five generations of selfing and subsequent single plant selections were made. Color transitions and pod shapes are ivory to red, with bullet shaped pods for ‘NuMex Valentine’s Day,’ light green to orange with a more rounded pod for ‘NuMex St. Patrick’s Day,’ ivory to lemon yellow with a round pod for ‘NuMex Memorial Day,’ black to orange with a bullet shaped pod for ‘NuMex Halloween,’ ivory to orange with a bullet shaped pod for ‘NuMex Thanksgiving,’ and dark green to red with bullet shaped pods for ‘NuMex Christmas.’




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