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Chile Cultivars of New Mexico State University Released from 1913 to 2008

NuMex Bailey Piquin

This cultivar, released in 1991, was named in honor of Mr. Alton L. Bailey, NMSU Extension vegetable specialist emeritus, who helped evaluate this selection (Bosland & Iglesias, 1992). This machine-harvestable chile piquin originated as a single plant selection from an open-pollinated accession collected in the Caribbean area of Mexico. It has an upright, semi-determinant, and non-spreading plant growth and produces fruits that are upright and set high on the plant canopy. ‘NuMex Bailey Piquin’ is the first machine-harvestable piquin. It is homozygous for the deciduous fruit characteristic allowing fruit separation from the calyx at maturity. This trait allows the fruit to be shaken from the plant by a machine. A one-row harvester has been developed; it shakes the plant and an attached conveyor belt carries the fruits to the rear of the machine for collection. Dried fruit powder has a heat level of 97,000 SHU. In trials at Las Cruces, dry fruit yield averaged 3,984 lbs/acre.




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