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Chile Cultivars of New Mexico State University Released from 1913 to 2008

NuMex Conquistador

‘NuMex Conquistador’ was released in 1989 and originated as a single plant selection from ‘New Mexico 6-4,’ a hot cultivar (Bosland et al., 1991). ‘NuMex Conquistador,’ a no-heat cultivar, is considered to be a paprika-type chile. The fruits have round shoulders, pointed tips, a smooth surface, thick flesh, and two locules. The average fruit length is 6.18 inches and fruit weight averages 2.76 ounces. Plants have a single, strong main stem with sturdy branches. Average plant height is 29.5 inches and plant width is 25.0 inches, which is similar to that of ‘New Mexico 6-4’ and ‘NuMex R Naky.’ High performance liquid chromatography analysis revealed that capsaicinoid levels are less than 10 ppm, which is below the level that humans can taste. This cultivar is used as a paprika cultivar in the mature red stage; in the green stage it is stuffed with jalapeño flavored cheese to produce chile rellenos with uniform heat levels. ‘NuMex Conquistador’ has an ASTA rating of 168, significantly higher than ‘NuMex R. Naky’ and ‘New Mexico 6-4’ (Bosland et. al, 1991).




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