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Chile Cultivars of New Mexico State University Released from 1913 to 2008

NuMex Garnet

‘NuMex Garnet’ was released in 2004 as an open-pollinated paprika-type chile with high extractable color (303 ASTA), and at 157 SHU is considered a very mild chile pepper (Walker et al., 2004). ‘NuMex Garnet’ originated from a hybridization between ‘B-18’ and a New Mexican-type cultivar. ‘NuMex Garnet’ was selected for compact growth habit, high yields, high extractable color, high dry matter in fruit, and low heat levels. It is predominantly suited for use as a natural red colorant in the form of powder or oleoresin. The fruits of ‘NuMex Garnet’ are not as wide but are longer than ‘B-18,’ while the fruit wall thickness is the same as ‘B-18’ and ‘NuMex Conquistador.’ Fruit width is 1.5 inches, length is 6.2 inches, and wall thickness is about 0.25 inches. ‘NuMex Garnet’ is an excellent candidate for machine harvesting because of the ease of stem detachment and fruit dispersal on the plant.




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