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Chile Cultivars of New Mexico State University Released from 1913 to 2008

NuMex Suave Red

‘NuMex Suave Red’ and ‘NuMex Suave Orange,’ released in 2004, originated from a seed lot that was acquired by the NMSU Chile Breeding and Genetics Program from W. D. Adams, who commented on their mild nature (Votava & Bosland, 2004). He received seed from an anonymous individual who called the seeds aji red and aji yellow. The exact origins of these two accessions are unknown; however, they exhibit phenotypic similarities to other C. chinense pod types. Based on the large size of the fruits, these cultivars must have originated from local or landrace varieties. Replicated field plot trials were performed in 2002 and compared to other habanero-type cultivars. ‘NuMex Suave Red’ and ‘NuMex Suave Orange’ are significantly milder than any other cultivar of C. chinense, with heat levels of 774 and 335 SHU, respectively. Fruit characteristics are similar to other habanero cultivars, including fruit weight, length, and width. The plant heights and widths are much greater than other habanero cultivars.




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