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Chile Cultivars of New Mexico State University Released from 1913 to 2008

NuMex Sunrise

One of a group of three cultivars that were released in 1988 by Drs. Paul Bosland, Jaime Iglesias, and Steve Tanksley. The cultivars were unique in providing alternative mature fruit color in the New Mexican pod type (Bosland et al., 1990). ‘NuMex Sunrise,’ ‘NuMex Sunset,’ and ‘NuMex Eclipse’ have fruits that start green, and then turn yellow, orange, and brown, respectively. They are used primarily as ornamental chiles. It has been a New Mexican tradition to harvest and string mature red chile pods into ristras. These are hung near the entrance of homes as symbols of hospitality and good luck. Only chile types that dehydrate sufficiently to eliminate rotting can be used to make ristras. All three cultivars originated from a hybridization between ‘Permagreen,’ a green bell pepper, and ‘New Mexico 6-4.’ They are similar in heat level to ‘New Mexico 6-4.’




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