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Chile Cultivars of New Mexico State University Released from 1913 to 2008

NuMex Sweet

A paprika-type or low heat chile that was released in 1990, ‘NuMex Sweet’ originated as a single plant selection from a field planted to an open-pollinated population of ‘New Mexico 6-4,’ a hot New Mexican-type chile cultivar (Bosland et al., 1993). A single plant was increased in the greenhouse after three generations of selfing and tested over two years in field trials. This cultivar incorporates the plant and fruit characteristics, determined by the paprika processors, as an ideal paprika-type chile. ‘NuMex Sweet’ is a low heat, round shouldered, pointed tip, smooth fruited, two locule, high colored, New Mexican-type chile with an ASTA rating of 157. It exhibits less variability for horticultural traits than ‘New Mexico 6-4’ or ‘NuMex R Naky.’ The plant has a single, strong main stem and sturdy branches that provide foliage cover for sunscald protection and support for an excellent fruit set. Plant height and width of 24 and 30 inches, respectively, are similar to ‘NuMex Conquistador’ and ‘NuMex R Naky.’ Fruit thickness of ‘NuMex Sweet’ is less than ‘NuMex Conquistador’ or ‘NuMex R Naky,’ allowing for greater “dry down” in the field. ‘NuMex Sweet’ has a heat level of 302 SHU. The most remarkable characteristic of ‘NuMex Sweet’ is the outstanding yield of a single harvest of dry red at 7,781 lbs/acre. This yield is 40% greater than ‘NuMex R Naky,’ a standard New Mexico paprika cultivar.




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