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Hot Sauces and Spicy Marinade

These gourmet hot sauces bring a bold new flavor to the hot sauce market. They have a unique flavor profile that sets them apart from the hot sauces currently available on market shelves. We are confident that the unique flavor profile we have developed will entice hot sauce lovers to embrace our lineup of hot sauces. Our intent with the creation of this hot sauce line is to go head-to-head with key market offerings. To do this, we sought a flavor profile beyond that offered by other hot sauces currently in the market. The lineup features our Awesome Sauce Spicy Marinade and two categories of hot sauces.

  • Awesome Sauce Spicy Marinade — This marinade has the same great taste of the hot sauces but only a very mild heat. It is an ideal marinade for grilling chicken; makes a great sauce for smoked sausage appetizers; and may also be used as a finishing sauce alone or in conjunction with your favorite barbeque sauce. These hot sauces provide great flavor and your preference of heat for Mexican dishes such as tacos and quesadillas.

    Customer testimonial: "...Everyone loved it and wanted to know where they could buy it. It was very tasty and not too hot. I like that. It was the perfect thing for the mini cocktail weenies. It got here just in time for me to throw it in the crockpot."  [R.O.  5/7/2015]

The first category of hot sauces contains four heats satisfying a wide range of preferences. These four versions are:
  • Regular [No. 5 Heat] — A mildly hot version with a rich, bold flavor. An actual testimonial that typifies the response to this hot sauce that we have been receiving:

    ***LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I tried your hot sauce last night. It is awesome and some of the best ever!!! I loved the heat level, not too hot, but hot enough. Perfect for someone who wants some spice but not too overbearing... I like the fact that it has the perfect amount of vinegar unlike Tabasco, which by the way I do like, but it's just a totally different hot sauce. I like this way more. I love the fact that it's more of a "sauce", not watery. It kind of has the consistency of a barbecue sauce.
     [C.J.  8/10/2015]

    ...we tried the #5 hot sauce - what an excellent flavor and just right amount of heat!  [C.P.  10/9/2015]

  • Hot [No. 10 Heat] — This version definitely brings up the heat, but it is still a fairly moderate level with the heat of this sauce similar to that of an average Jalapeño pepper.

    ...the taste was a very unique flavor profile and a great HOT finish.  [G.M.  9/16/2015]

    We tried it and loved it! It was real spicy but still had flavor which is one of our biggest things when it comes to hot sauce. Anybody can burn your face off with the right combo of peppers, but to burn your face off AND have flavor is much harder to do. Great job!  [R.P.  10/19/2015]

  • Super-Hot [No. 20 Heat] — This sauce is certainly for the aficionado of heat, as it is solidly into the realm of hot.

  • Mega-Hot [No. 50 Heat] — As its name implies, this sauce takes on the true hot sauce lover! The heat of this sauce is on the order of the average Bird’s Eye or Cayenne pepper. The heat of this sauce arrives late on the palate with the bold, rich flavor of the sauce being present at the outset with the heat definitely arriving behind the heat. This hot sauce is a great blend of sour, sweet and heat.

The second category of hot sauces is known as the Ludicrous Heat category. The three planned offerings in this category represent serious heat. They are most definitely for those who desire to challenge their capacity for heat! We offer these hot sauces with a note of caution – These are seriously hot! The three hot sauces in this category are:
  • Double-Dare-You [No. 100 Heat] — The heat of this sauce is about the same as the low end of the heat range for the Habanero pepper.

  • Double-Dog-Dare-You [No. 200 Heat] — The heat of this sauce is close to that of the average mature Habanero. Use this one sparingly until you are familiar with its characteristics.

  • Triple-Dog-Dare-You [No. 500 Heat] — This hot sauce has a heat that is basically one-half that of a fresh Ghost Pepper [Bhut Jolokia]. It is seriously hot! Take care in using this hot sauce until you are familiar with it.

A Special Edition barrel-aged version of the hot sauce is in development.


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