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New Products Coming Soon

Chef Darrell and I are pleased to announce several new products that will soon be available.

We have a wonderful new blend we have chosen to call Madame Langlois Creole Blend.

This creole style blend is offered as a tribute to Madame Langlois who was cook and housekeeper to the Colonial Governor of French Louisiana, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. Today, she is heralded as the originator of Creole cuisine.

Following the so-called "Petticoat Insurrection" in 1718, Governor Bienville requested that Madame Langlois teach the women how to utilize local ingredients and prepare meats and vegetables as the Indians had introduced to the colonists. These are considered to be the first cooking classes of record in North America.

This blend is reminiscent of Southwestern Louisiana and reflects the culinary style of antebellum country plantation estates of that area. This blend offers a sense of the rural creole tradition as opposed to what today is referred to as the urban creole tradition [read "urban" as New Orleans' tourist]. This is a wonderful addition to our line of seasonings, and we are excited to share this news with you!

Other New Products

Mesquite Smoked Salt
Hickory Smoked Salt
Applewood Smoked Salt
Bourbon Barrel Smoked Salt


Coming Soon — Blazing A Super Hot Trail To You!
If you thought that Jerry's Fire Ghost Pepper Salt was hot [and it is!]
We are preparing to bring you a whole new experience of HOT!
— Introducing —
Carolina Reaper Flakes
The Carolina Reaper chili pepper — Twice as hot as the Ghost Pepper!

While it may not seem to make sense that a chili pepper that is one-hundred times hotter than a jalapeño pepper has any commercial value, the reality is that the super-hot pepper business is every bit as hot as the pepper.

The Carolina Reaper versus the Ghost Pepper — Two outrageously hot chili peppers. The Ghost Pepper is like the well-established rock star, while the Carolina Reaper is the blazing hot up-and-comer. Along with the Trinidad Scorpion Butch-T, these are currently the hottest chili peppers known.




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