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Chef Darrell has worked in both private and public environments, including exclusive homes, hotels, large scale arenas and five‐star restaurants. He began what would become his career as a chef at the age of 13. He trained classically with French chefs for 15 years. His culinary knowledge includes Italian, French, Asian fusion, and California cuisine.

His experience includes five years with a high-profile sports and entertainment organization, beginning with running large banquets of up to 2000 people. He then became the personal chef for a very prominent family and their professional sports organizations. Additionally, Chef Darrell has cooked for high profile individuals such as former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver and the Howard Dean Presidential campaign party, as well as many celebrities and sports figures.

In 2005, Chef Darrell joined a newly opened, fashionable, wine-focused restaurant in Roseville, California, where he worked until September of 2014. This restaurant rose to annual sales of $4-million. In 2008, he opened a second restaurant for the organization. His responsibilities included menu development and training of the staff. This second restaurant grew quickly to annual sales of $2-Million. He served as the Executive chef for both restaurants, overseeing all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the kitchens.

He is a working chef and to save labor, he often worked the line with the kitchen staff. He oversaw a combined staff of 43 at both locations, including three sous chefs. He was also responsible for all hiring of kitchen staff, and he was responsible for menu creation at both locations.

He is active in internships and works directly with various high schools, being a mentor for their Regional Occupational Program [ROP] culinary students. He develops all recipes and standardizes them for the staff.



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