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Chile Cultivars of New Mexico State University Released from 1913 to 2008

Heritage New Mexico No. 6

In 2002, original seed of New Mexico 6-4 was obtained from the National Seed Storage Lab in Fort Collins, CO, to develop a genetically superior chile cultivar that would help New Mexico growers compete in the global market, as well as capture the original flavor of New Mexico 6-4. The New Mexico Chile Commission members made selections from 27 breeding lines of the original New Mexico 6- 4; six of the best-performing lines were chosen and re-tested. Selections were made based on horticultural characteristics that were most important to the New Mexico chile industry, including high yield, uniform heat level, improved fruit qualities, easy de-stemming, and, most importantly, traditional flavor. The result: Heritage New Mexico 6-4 is recognized for producing pods with a smooth, thick flesh ranging from 6 to 8 inches in length. It has a heat level of 350 SHU, and its yields are higher than the original New Mexico 6- 4.




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