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Chile Cultivars of New Mexico State University Released from 1913 to 2008

NuMex Nematador

‘NuMex Nematador’ is an open-pollinated, nematode resistant, cayenne-type chile that was released in 2003 (Zewdie et al., 2003). Cayenne production in New Mexico was valued in excess of $4.7 million at farm-gate because of the demand for cayenne mash, the core ingredient in hot sauce. ‘NuMex Nematador’ is adapted to southern New Mexico growing conditions and provides resistance to the southern root knot nematode, a major pest for cayenne producers. ‘NuMex Nematador’ was developed from the cultivar ‘Large Red Thick,’ and was evaluated for yield, heat level, desirable fruit characteristics, plant growth habits, and level of nematode resistance. ‘NuMex Nematador’ took an average of 99 days to first harvest from time of transplanting. Average fruit width was 0.6 inches, fruit length was 5.8 inches, and the heat level was rated at 15,989 SHU.




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